Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All-Star game to Denver did not signal they are on team blue. They are on team green.

Sen. Mitch McConnell has had better weeks. While he is usually being credited for masterfully manipulating some combination of Senate rules, the Constitution and his own party, this week he found himself on the defensive as he called corporations “stupid” for weighing in on thorny political issues, saying the political realm is not a place for businesses and CEOs.

The hypocrisy is obvious seeing as Sen. McConnell was cheerleader in chief for the Citizens United decision that opened the door for outsize political influence from business in the form of unlimited political contributions. When reminded of this, Sen. …

Classic statue of Socrates

Taxing the rich can be traced back to ancient history. Professor Thomas Martin of the College of the Holy Cross writes that going back to Athens 500–400 B.C., the richest 1 percent were taxed directly on their wealth and this was a tax used “to fund the city-state’s most important national expenses — the navy and honors for the gods.” In sharp contrast to today, however, ancient Athenians would actually brag about paying the taxes they owed. It provided esteem and social capital that was valued more than money.

Fast-forward to 1790, and George Washington wrote in a letter to…

The image below from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) is almost worth 1,000 words. It reveals that the last 20 years of tax policies have disproportionately benefited the wealthy while tax and cash provisions in the American Rescue Plan focus on the bottom 60 percent, ensuring resources go to individuals and families who need it most.

There are a few more words necessary to paint a complete picture and underscore why the American Rescue Plan–and its tax and cash provisions specifically–are a necessary reversal of policies that have enabled growing economic inequality.

A 2018 ITEP report that…

Homemade Sign at Political Rally

As we have marked a year since COVID shutdowns began across the country, there have rightfully been reflections on all that was lost, both individually and collectively. But for all that was lost over the past year, it is equally important to remember what was reclaimed–and that is the power of the people.

In the summer of 2020, we were reminded of the power of the people who peacefully assembled to protest disproportionate and indefensible levels of police violence against Black people in this country.

In the fall of 2020, we were reminded of the power of the people when…

They’ll be just fine.

Bipartisanship and unity abound. Seriously.

Need proof? How about the 60% of Republicans in favor of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

Still not convinced? Try this. On Monday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, alongside Reps. Pramila Jayapal and Brendan Boyle, introduced the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act modeled after the wealth tax Sen. Warren promoted during her presidential campaign. And though you might not think a progressive Democratic senator from the Northeast would garner much support from Republicans for a tax hike, the idea does in fact carry support from a bipartisan majority of American voters, including 53% of Republicans!

Despite this cross-country unity…

Texas Star in front of the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

$16,752. This is not a down payment on a home purchase or the cost of a used car with low miles. This is the recent electric bill charged to the credit card of Scott Willoughby, a retired Army veteran living in a Dallas suburb. As if the energy blackouts and water failures resulting from last week’s catastrophic winter storm weren’t enough for Texans to endure, now many who were fortunate enough to maintain power are being buried in sky-high electric bills.

This winter storm and subsequent avalanche of infrastructure failures are emblematic of a larger failed governing approach that too…

Four years ago, the nation was contending with immense and widening income and wealth inequality during an economic expansion that should have ushered in prosperity for all. The Trump administration’s major policy response to this challenge was an unpopular $2 trillion tax cut proposal that primarily benefited corporations and the wealthy.

The public responded by using tools intended to give ordinary people a voice in our democracy. Grassroots groups organized rallies on Capitol Hill and across the country. They flooded the Capitol switchboard with calls to their representatives and senators, telling them to vote “no” on the tax bill. We…

“This you?”, as regular users of Twitter know, is a popular retort when a user is brazen in their hypocrisy or unaware of irony.

Besides a heavy sigh and vow to double-down on advocacy for progressive tax policy, it, momentarily, was the only response we could muster in response to tweets last week from Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla).

Sen. Cruz last Saturday declared that the GOP “is and should be” the party of the working class. Calling this a fable would be too generous. During the summer, Cruz railed against extending federal unemployment insurance (UI) benefits

The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster, to say the least. The presidential election’s results will have a major and lasting impact on the direction of federal policy. But President Trump’s baseless claims that this election was “stolen” from him through “fraud” will have an effect that lingers long after President-elect Joe Biden has left office. By sowing doubt about the legitimacy of votes not in his favor, the president and his enablers are striking at the heart of America.

It’s an unprecedented escalation of conservatives’ ongoing effort to undermine trust in government — an approach that they have…

Taxing the rich is not a radical idea. For nearly 30 years, a majority has supported higher taxes for those at the top. Since 1992 when Gallup began asking the question on surveys, the share of respondents saying the wealthy pay too little has never been less than 55 percent.

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